Grand Duchy of Smigsachenweiz

(I have no idea how to roleplay sudden appearing of the whole country, so let’s just ignore that for some reason, this nation didn’t get involved in ANYTHNG what happened for the last few years.)

Grand Duchy of Smigsachenweiz is a developed country, whose economy is fairly strong, even though it’s not the strongest in the region. Medical Health-care is free, or rather conveniently included in taxes (which are 17% by the way). Kids go to school when they are 6, then there are 5 years of primary school, next 4 of middle school, and last 3 od high school, after which everyone is free to go to studies. Studies are government-paid, however there exists (on every level of education, including studies) community-schools (made “by people, for people”. Their level of educating is slightly better then normal schools, however you need to pay for them), as well as private schools (which has both - better education, and bigger amount of money paid every month by parents).
Number of citizens (I hate nationstates way of calculating amount of people in country, because you always start with 6 million, and after a while you suddenly become bigger then China, so I’m gonna state a more possible and realistic number): about 47,5 million.
The official name is “Grand Duchy”, however proper name of goverment’s type would be constitutional monarchy. His Gracious Prince Albert Johans von Richenstein II
is head of state, which gives him also a position of head of army. He can also VETO every act of goverment, unless it has won by more then 90% of votes. In parliament whole royal family (that is, only those who aren’t underage) have rights as every politician chosen to parliament, which makes a little mess out of government. To lower the chances of having 90% of votes, HGP Richard P. Johans von Richenstein (which was a grandfather of current ruler) expanded parliament to 600 seats.
Green - Centrist National Party 203 seats - 34%
Yellow - National Reborn Party 130 seats - 21%
Blue - Socialdemocracy of Duchy 181 seats - 30%
Pink - Communist Party of All People 72 seats - 12%
Red - Royal Family 6 seats - 1%
Dark blue - Minorities 6 seats - 1%
CNP is a centrist party - neither right, nor left-wing. Their look on the royal family is rather positive.
NRP is a right-wing party who thinks that all minorities should be expelled from country, and Prince should have more political and functional power
SDoD is a rather centrist party, which has tendencies in favor of left-wing - they are for expanding national health-care, and overall more “social” in country (though they stay away from socialism).
CPoAP on the other hand is full left-wing party, and is the only party that wants to overthrow Royal Family. There are slight hints, that possibly their presence in a government is a little decreased by Royal Family, and number of seats should be bigger, however noone dare to say so (except CPoAP), and there are no proof against, or for this thesis.
Minorities are…well… minorities. Every minority that exceeds 1% of population of Smigsachenweiz is given the seat in parliament. Of course counted are only the “official” minorities (illegal immigrants crossing the border after dusk, and living in basements are not counted in). Official list of minorities given seats:

  1. Vulpians

(since I do not intend to make someone send me minorities, I offer you the possibility to choose if your nation should have minorities in Smigsachenweiz. Of course the best would be from less economicaly stable countries, and neighbours. Also…please they are minorities, not a 475 thousand spies that are also ninja cyborgs…You do not want to know.)

The capital, and biggest city of Smigsachenweiz is Smitinnstadt located on both banks of Dikreuft river. Second biggest city was created by unification of two cities - Jitterin and Juradburg into one. Third is Rotscheinfurt.
Grand Duchy of Smigsachenweiz shares it’s borders with Juthra (south & east), Rykkoyya (south), and Elphana (through local Lake)
If I should add anything, or change (I do not know German, so I’m not sure if I didn’t make some inappropriate word out of things_that_I_thought_sound_a_bit_like_German_but_not_really), let me know.

Welcome to TEP! Quite an impressive intro :smiley:

I’d say that’s an admirable start, perhaps the only “iffy” thing being the map plot which may be subject to change. I know Drak mention it becoming a warzone but I’m sure something can be worked out.

We’re all friendly enough (apart from Reziel, watch out for him, he’s evil! ;P) so if you’re having any trouble with starting or joining RPs don’t be afraid to get in contact with us other RPers. :slight_smile:

Also, which program did you use to make your map?

I used Photoshop, and tablet.

So, can I ask a mod to change(…)
I was able to edit it, after I was given the Citizen status.

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Also, what is the name of that lake?

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As of right now, whatever you say it is. :smiley:

Welcome to TEP!

Yeah, the lake bordering Elephana I’ve been calling Lake Miiyu for a while, but you can certainly call it whatever you’d like, lol. Congrats on getting to the forums! And I must say, your intro is certainly well thought-out!

Since, it’s already named “Miiyu”, proper Smigsachenweizen name will be “Miurin”, which is just Smigsachenweization of Elphanese name (am I saying it properly?).

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Since, it’s already named “Miiyu”, proper Smigsachenweizen name will be “Miurin”, which is just Smigsachenweization of Elphanese name (am I saying it properly?).

— End quote

Elephana is/was roleplayed by a guy who’s currently away due to RL stuff at the moment. But I think he called them ‘Elephene’ if my memory serves me right

Well just because the Elephene called it Miiyu doesn’t mean you have to aswell…

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Well just because the Elephene called it Miiyu doesn’t mean you have to aswell…

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Yep, lol. It all depends on languages, who got to the lake first, different dialects, etc. You can pretty much call it whatever you want.

Still, since Elephene people got there first, I think easier would be just to change it’s name to sound a bit more in familar way, to people of Smigsachenweiz. Baltic Sea is also called by variations of “Baltic” in most European Countries.

A little conflict never hurt anybody. :wink:

Shhh! I’m trying to make them feel safe, while building an army, and printing propaganda posters that says “Muritzien Lake ist Smigsachenweiztch”

Hahaha. I think Elehpana is fairly peaceful right now, but they’re on sanctions from Listonia due to them wanting a corridor to that lake. So it’s a little tense on the other side of the lake, lol.

But Listonians are generally friendly folks, lol.

welcome! wow! what a good introduction!

I liked the idea of lake whatever… But good introduction!

Well, I see you’re already pretty active here. Just wanted to give my belated welcomes!