Greeting From Hakeem Tana

Dear All,

First of All, English its not my mother tongue language. So I hope you will be tolerant with my poor English level. I thanks you in advance.

The Sultanat of Hakeem Tana just been Independant few days ago, an as the leader of this new rising nation, I find necessary to join a region suitable with my nation ambition.
Its the reason why Iam here now writing few lines in this forum.

As a new ruler, I am aware of my weakness and my low knowledge regarding all different aspect of this new world. But I sure most of you will help me understand more about usual practice and proper behavour to insure prosperity to my nation.

Hakeem Tana been fighting for is independance, It been a long and hard time for our people. Our sacrifices finally been recognised and now this time to look to the future.
As a young Nation, I trully believe that the leader must guide and educate people. For some of you, you may call this dictatureship, but I see this situation more like a father taking care of is new born child. Slowy, once basic values will be fully assimilate be my citizens, I hope that they will be able to think , udge and act by themself.

Last but not least, you can notice that our flag is mark with some calligraphy. This represent the attachment of my nation with religion. We r united in our faith and believed. And this flag remind us this everyday.
Our religion help us to remember our commitment between brother and sister. To love, respect and help each other, rich and poor, old and young, woman and man…

Thank to welcome us in your region, long life and prosperity to East Pacific.

Sultan Hakeem

Hello Hakeem!

Welcome to The East Pacific!

*Vekaiyu welcomes your nation to The East Pacific region.

Thank all for your welcoming.

I would love to add my nation on the map, but experience some problem while trying to register.
While I am writting my post with my wishes, the map keep pop up and make impossible my post to be send.

Any of you experience the same before ?


Hakeem Sultan