Greetings and Salutations!

Greetings from the Confederacy of Bronson Prime! As the duly elected President of the Confederacy, and on behalf of the people of Bronson Prime, I welcome you and hope that many friendships can be made with not only other nations here in the East Pacific, but throughout the world.

We are a nation of 12 million hardy souls living in an archipelago comprised of four main islands and dozens of smaller ones. Bronson Prime is a young nation, a growing nation, a friendly nation to all those who come in peace. However, our motto “Don’t Tread On Us” is taken quite seriously; aggressors will not be tolerated and will only find trouble here.

Bronson Prime is dedicated to a high standard of living for all it’s people. Poverty and hunger is non-existent, and you won’t find homeless people living on our streets. All our citizens have a place to live; jobs are plentiful; social services and universal health care is available to everyone. Our education standards are among the best in the East Pacific…a point of pride for us. Citizens of Bronson Prime work hard, and when the day is over, the people have a variety of ways to relax and “unwind”. Bronson Prime has a variety of gaming resorts, family fun centers, and miles of beautiful blue sand beaches, crystal clear waters and water sports of all types. Looking for nightlife? You can find most anything you desire inside the many dance clubs, stimulant centers, and pleasure venues within the capital city of Pacifica, and the city’s unofficial motto is “What happens in Pacifica is nobody else’s business”.

You sounds like one of dem socialististists everyones been talking bout’.

naw i kid! hello and welcome!