Greetings, fellow citizens of the East Pacific.

I am the leader of The Democratic States of Aso Gato, a small yet beautiful and respected nation. In English, “aso gato” is “sun cat,” a name given to us for our deep respect for all creatures, particularly cats.
Although Aso Gato is a newly-formed nation, I have ruled other nations in the past. Unfortunately, one evening, while checking up on each of my nations, I overheard my guards – in all of my nations – plotting my murder. From what I understand, a group of people had learned the names of the nations I commanded, and, possibly out of jealousy, bribed the guards to stab me at a yearly holiday called the Frunce. After making proper arrangements, I fled, believing it to be the best choice. Frunce is also the name of Aso Gato’s capitol city, which I named for the holiday. I cannot celebrate it here. I’m afraid that if the murderers hear that Aso Gato celebrates Frunce, which is a holiday my family began, they will find me and attempt to turn my guards against me once again. It seems that the murderers believe me to be dead, and I have no reason not to take advantage of this.

If we’re to interact, I suppose you’ll be wanting to know my name. I represent my entire nation, so you may call me Aso Gato if you wish. I also am known by the nickname “Sunny.”

Now for the introduction of myself: I’m an average girl named Sunny. I like to read; write; listen to, write, and play (on guitar and clarinet) music; and sing. My intrests include computers, nature, and art. I enjoy the TV show Pucca. It’s funny and cute, and I highly reccomend it! I’m also possessed with the rare gift of singing the Pucca theme song enough times for a person to go insane. :3
Looking forward to meeting you all!

Well hello there! :slight_smile:

interested in being assimilated gato?

Welcome to the East Pacific, Aso Gato! A supply of freezer mice will be made available shortly. Actually, scratch that, they got eaten by the crisper weasels, who in turn but eaten by the fridge owls, who eventually got eaten by the diners at Hank’s All-You-Can Eat House of Owlery. We’re working on turning this into a cycle of some sort, but it’ll take time and a lot of research.

And don’t worry about Pack, he’s just a big softie.*

*Between the hours of 7:00 and 7:15 AM on Saturdays. Appointments are required. There may be a line.

See? No need to sing to drive all around here insane! (looks up and shakes head) Most of 'em already are!!!

Welcome to TEP! :smiley:

Welcome! I would get more aquainted, but I’ve got a flight to catch (really). Hope to you around and get a chance to talk to you!


(= ‘Greetings!’)