Greetings, from a kind of New Member!

Hi. I am the Sultan of the East Pacific nation of Voxsapientia. I have been in the region for a considerable amount of time, but felt it wise to finally get to know other leaders of East Pacific regions.

Any response or contact would be great, I hope to get to know my fellow East Pacific leaders.

Sultan of Voxsapientia.


Welcome, Voxsapientia! Leaving aside our endorsements issue, I honestly hope you’ll stay here for a while, enjoying the region: as a noe, plese believe me if I say i do not usually bite. therefore, feel free to ask for advices, should you need to!


:lol: EDIT: wow. i’ve just checked my NS nation and i’ve noted you’ve complied with my suggestion: i admit i’m even more happy, now, because you’ve definitely proved your goodwill!

(gives Voxsapientia a cookie)

Thanks Rez. No I just didn’t understand the endo swapping thing well enough. I had read the rules etc, but obviously not well enough. To show how keen I am on other fronts, I would like to ask how I would go about getting more involved in governmental sides of NS, like working in some sort of post for the nation etc.

Any response is greatly appreciated.



Hiya, voxsapienta!

It’s easy to understand how that could be missed. Endoswapping is one of those things that not many NSers are aware of (otherwise it wouldn’t work). If you’re interested in doing something governmental, we in the EP have plenty of opportunities, although we tend to be a “small government” region focused on RP as compared to others who make their region entirely focused around government.

Much of what we have is focused The Magisterial Assembly will be recruiting new members soon, and the Judiciary is always looking for counsel. In addition, Dovakhan, the Ambassador-General, has a bunch of embassorial opportunities for those who want them.

Thanks for being helpful Rez. Is there any chance you could give me links of where to apply for any positions, currently looking to be filled. I will apply but I can’t find my way around quite yet. Thanks again.

Just to say Rez, I have posted an application, of sorts to the Ambassador General, I would not really know how to go about Ambassadorial business, and help in my application and/or how to carry out any duties would also be greatly received.