Greetings from Equilism

Hello, everyone,

My name is Naivetry. Some of you may know me; most of you probably don’t. I’m here today in an official capacity as the Deputy of Foreign Affairs for Equilism, but a little over a year and a month ago, my first nation (Naivetry) was born in The East Pacific. So in a way, this feels like coming home. :slight_smile:

I figured it would take a little while and some diplomatic schmoozing before my mask could be adjusted (I’m here to look into Equilism’s embassy, and hopefully post some updates!), and so I’ve decided to introduce myself while I wait. It’s good to finally be here.

Hello, my long-lost friend. ((Hugs)) It is good to see you here. I see that my failing to communicate as often as I said I would with you has brought you hunting for me! I kid, I kid. Our foreign office (where we accept embassy/consulate requests) is located You’re welcome to go there and issue a formal request; though, I must warn you, and as others here have observed, I’m slow to respond, as of late. (But you already knew that from personal experience with me, didn’t you?) :wink: I’ll try to get caught up on all pending requests, however – yours included. In the meantime, make yourself at home, and please enjoy your time spent here – your original home.


You have to be a REALLY special person, if you’ve deserved such an incredibly long post by Gnid himself!!!

(looks at the stern delegate’s glance and behaves)

however… welcome! or welcome back considering what you’ve just told! I would say something else, but I see you’ve already met our dancing drunken squirrels. (sighs) I just hope you’ll not end devoured by them like the last one who… uhm? what? nooooooo!! the squirrels ARE NOT dangerous, not at all!


Gnid - hugs Long time no see. :smiley: I remember writing you a ridiculously long PM, but I have no idea whether or not it was ever sent. Ah, well. (This is supposed to be a happy occasion! Let’s not bicker and argue about who wrote who…) Thank you for the welcome - I’ve found the embassy and am in the process of dusting it off. I hope to be able to spend a little time here, when I can get away from my duties elsewhere. :slight_smile:

Rez - Heheh. The squirrels are indeed intriguing. Look at this one. If you stand really close, you can see its… sharp… aaaaaaah!

(sighs) Gnid… I had told you about the squirrels. Now they’ll sue TEP once again. This is becoming annoying… :lol: