Greetings From Europeia & Vinage!

Hello the East Pacific… can I call you TEP for short pwease?

Loving the Christmas skin and some of the old flags in your photobucket account!

Makes me think that TEP is Soviet Russia and in TEP you teach books how to learn.

Anyway that is enough rambling, I’m Vinage Vinage Grey-Anumia, current President of Europeia and Delegate as well. About 90 days away from breaking our record for the longest ever… sounds like I might need to retire soon! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m here to say hello and [hopefully] work on an inter-regional treaty to go along with our long-standing forum-based friendship and soon-to-be-built NS Embassies.

So… here’s to you guys!

lifts up a beer

In The East Pacific, embassies build you.

Please, be sat on by chair and let treaty write us. The forum showed you to me, no?

Remove kebab.

ends up lost and confused. Cries in the corner

Russian’s have become scary :frowning:

I’ve got the link and am working on something to present there

In the EP, hats wear you!


Why thank you! :slight_smile:

waves to Vinage

Shalom! I will be assisting Messr. Vinage in my capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs in Europeia.

Oh look… it’s a Greyjoy

What a surprise :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiyas! And remember to DEFEND KEBAB

— Begin quote from ____

Hiyas! And remember to DEFEND KEBAB

— End quote


P.S I loled on my own post with Todd’s image followed by mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still scared


Ya should be…You should be…


Rope?!?! Rope!?!?


Yep a rope!!! Hmm now where did PAX run off too???

Looks under table

Cuts rope Pax is hangin’ from and watches him fall to the floor

I never forget the rope…


& I’m glad I didn’t have to bring the backup rope this time! Lol.

That’s right I can handle responsibility

Meanwhile at the Magisterium

So do we just wait for him to come back…or…what…