Greetings from Fotar

Greetings all!

Please allow me to introduce myself, for I believe only one of you know me. I am Fotar, recently appointed delegate and ruler of the Council of Narnia. It is with great joy that I am able to be here today. Though we lacked the means to do much, the Council of Narnia publicly denounced the illegitimate government of the Empire. We are very pleased to see it has fallen to its own ruin and that your home has been restored to your control!

I have been meaning to sign up for these forums for a couple weeks now. When I took over as leader of CoN just before the turn of the year, I made it one of my goals to open CoN to more involvement in foreign affairs. As seems to be the case too often in life, other issues came up, and my arrival here was delayed.

Two things have sparked my interest up again. First, signs of life within my own, user region. I am hoping that the region I am now responsible for will grow into an active user region as we once were, and hopefully aid in what seems to be an ailing World.

Secondly, I’d like to thank Todd McCloud for stepping on my tail a bit (he isn’t the only fox in NationStates :wink: ). Todd and I have a decent little bit of history dealing with one another, and the fact that he even still talks to me, let alone is friendly towards me, after how much of a fool I once made myself is a true testimony to his character. Our conversations via TG the past day or so have been a catalyst for getting me here, whether he realizes it or not.

And so, I hope our regions will enjoy friendship and cooperation from henceforth. I hope we can have more official relations (ie an embassy or the likes) soon…but being new to this leadership role I am in, I am still a bit sketchy on how those details work. But for now, I need my sleep…and to use this emoticon.

lol, no problem man. Nice to see you around again!

Greetings Fotar, I’m sure your support during that period was appreciated by all.

Was it you who made that anti-Empire video?

It was our region yes…but not me personally. Our previous leader was the one who put that video together. My dealings with The Empire were much more…covert and fox-like, shall we say? :wink: