Greetings from Osiris!

Greetings to The East Pacific,

I am Lord Ravenclaw, the new Vizier of Foreign (and Diplomatic) Affairs for Osiris; I am currently making my rounds of regions that the Osiris has diplomatic relationships with so that I can get to know my counterparts in each region.

I personally view communication as the key to any strong relationship, and in NationStates, there has been a precedent set in some places where the “diplomatic relationship” is just a minor share of an update either monthly or bi-monthly - nothing particularly substantive, which is disappointing.

Suffice to say that I am beginning a long assessment of Osiris and it’s Diplomatic Service, aiming to increase relationships with regions we have had dealings with, while at the same time, cutting relationships with regions who serve no real purpose; those who are obsolete and those who are little more the seat of power for a despot with an ego larger than the Indian subcontinent.


Lord Ravenclaw
Vizier of Foreign & Diplomatic Affairs for Osiris


Hi there - I recognize you! Welcome to the region of the East!

Hello there Lord Ravenclaw, nice to bump into you again tips hat