Greetings from Suans Valley

From the desk of Bien Min, interim Minister of Communications.

Yesterday was a historic day for the people of the Suans river valley. After over two centuries of oppression from western superpowers, the velvet revolution has finally claimed victory over its oppressers.

Valley wide celebrations ensued as our former leader, Prime Minister Esch La Kose announced the dissolution of the regional government and his exile.

A series of general elections are expected to follow in the coming weeks as the Suanese people vote on a new government to represent them and their interests.

The preliminary council, made up of the leadership of the 14 opposition parties and acting interim government would like to voice their hopes for a future of peace and stability regarding its neighbours within the East Pacific.

May the sun forever shine on the faces of our friends and neighbours of the East Pacific and may this tulmultuous time give way to an era of prosperity for the new Suans Republic.

Welcome! And good luck on elections!