Greetings from TAO ...

Greetings from TAO …

A great way to show support for TEP and its reorganization movement is to have an active presence on the RMB. I invite you to post on the RMB every time you login to your NS nation and also every time you login to this forum.

Showing the world that TEP is “alive and well” is the first step in creating a healthy and happy online Community. Won’t you please join us in making TEP a better region? Visit the RMB regularly and show the region … and the NS world … that you still care about the Game.

I agree with TAO on this one.

I brought back The East Hand from Lazarus since the Delegate refuses to unban the West Hand.

Thankfully for myself, my main nation remains where it shall.

TAO thinks both your hands should be together. The question is how to bring this about.

Perhaps the delegate could BANJECT your other nation as well.