Greetings from the Aluvean Seas

hello everyone:
Well, as everyone has guessed now, I’m not a member of the TEP but as a consul I think it would be proper to introduce myself.
I’m the player behind the ‘Kingdom of Phoenixia’ or Phoenixia for short, one of the ruling heads behind the Aluvean Seas and formerly member of Europeai, the Isarlian Isles (now Marlburian Isles), the royal alliance and Conservadom (the last two are directly associated with AS).
I’m on NS since now 4 months (god how is the time gone ?) and pretty happy here.
If you may have guess from the Time-Zone difference I mentioned in the consulate thread I’m from Europe, I’m a second language speaker in english I’m a Roleplayer and I’m a former History student.
Well I think that’s enough private stuff from me, if there are any questions feel free to post here.

Welcome to TEP

An RPer, eh? Awesome! Want to get involved in TEP roleplay?

I will have all my hands full with a War RP (last one in a serial of Civic RPs) I and a few others from AS developed, however I will look at it if I get the time :slight_smile:

Excellent! Hope to see you RP, and good luck with your war. If you want some mapspace, some is available!

WELLCOME!!! :stuck_out_tongue: