Greetings from The Emirate of Pepper Eggs

Hi everyone, I’m new to this game. I have joined the WA, but I don’t know what else can I do. What exactly are regions and what can I do if I join one? Particularly, what is influence and regional influence?

I have also endorsed the people that you listed in The East Pacific region page in NationStates.

I hope someone will be able to answer my questions and provide a link tp a complete guide for beginners like me. Thank you.

-The Emirate of Pepper Eggs

Have you read yet? Some parts explain influence fairly well.

As for what regions are, they’re places where nations reside. They can elect their own delegates, create their own governments, organize a community, etc. We’ve done that here already. Actually, we’re planning on having a governmental convention soon to go over and potentially change some of our laws. It’d be an excellent thing to get involved with - a great time to really see a regional government in action and add some input too!