Greetings from the West...

Hi,to all the great nations of TEP.

I am BackwoodsRats from TWP. I am visiting the East to bring you the brand new TWP Embassy Update. I am very excited to do this, because this is my first assignment as an ambassador…and its great that I can do my first steps on the diplomatic floor in TEP.

Besides delivering our updates I am planning to vistit as often as I can, cause I am curious how the life in a different feeder looks and feels…

Greetings, BRats.

P.S.: I love your selection of smilies

Welcome, BackwoodsRats. I used to be a TWP-ambassador myself. I hope you’ll do a better job than I did :slight_smile:

Welcome to The East Pacific!

Thanks for the welcome…I will try to do my best. So far I getting addicted to those smilies
…I love them!

hmmm…have I seen you before? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am usually trying to remain unnoticed…but apparently something went wrong ;).