Greetings from Zarvarza

A Most Noble Greetings to This Fine Region
Warning: staring into the portrait of Zarvarza for prolonged periods
of time can be blinding due to his radient, illuminated and enlightened
existance. Bowing your head is recommended.

It is such a pleasure to be here in The East Pacific on this fine day and introduce myself to you all. As some may know I come representing the region NationStates | Illuminati in all its glory. I come also to learn more abou the other regions of the world, meet other people, and generally enhance my experiences in this world.

A bit about me, I have played NationStates since 2005. Unlike other players who try to make their nation old, I tend to view the nation itself as a shell, of which I move from shell to shell as I grow. Formerly, people may know me as Mercury God(2005), All-Seeing Eye (2006), Kuvachim (2007), Maqqaba (2007), Romenoch(2008), Ramsos(2009), Solenoc (2010). Naturally, there are a host of other nations I have used over the years.

My experience in NationStates has largly revolved around the region Illuminati, though some may know me from when GNN News was popular in 2008 and the first half of 2009. At current, we are rebuilding Illuminati into a respectable and competitive region, as well as rebuilding the Global News Network to the same scale as it was before.

I do hope my experiences here are good, and will even consider Dual Citizenship, if it is permitted here, though my loyalties have always lied primarily with Illuminati and under its Eternal flag:

Our region has always been exceptional in foreign relations and foreign affairs, even though we opt for an ‘extreme neutrality’ policy. I do hope my time here is enjoyable as I get to know you all on a more professional and intellectual scale. I do hope that someone here opts to be an ambassador within our region. We do permit Dual Citizenship, and anyone with 20 forum posts on is eligable for Citizenship and government offices of all types.

Vae Victis!

Rom E. Zarvarza
22nd Grand Chancellor of Illuminati
Guardian of the Global GuideStones

Greetings. You’re the ones with that big adspam post.

I remember GNN, anyways… Hi!

Welcome to TEP.

— Begin quote from ____

I remember GNN, anyways… Hi!

— End quote

Yep, we are rebuilding GNN and launching in about 2 weeks