Greetings, neighbors!

Greetings, people of the East Pacific!

I am the representative of the Northern Borderlands of Senvroth! Our people have decided to open up to the world and join others in this collective group known as a “region”. We hope to be of service!

And hello!


For this short summary of our nation!

We are a people of the northern wastes, a frigid and cold region where life is barely sustainble. We have developed our technologies through the careful barter and trade with many other nations (mind you, at this time, we were just a fledging tribe). Due to our circumstances, we founded a militaristic society where survival was the primary code of law. Many dangerous animals inhabit these parts and often find us very… tasty.

So we train our warriors to be tough and strong, and to never fear and always look forward! Citizens of the East Pacific should be warned against insulting a Senvrothian, as such a feat means to challenge the warrior in a duel to the death! Unfortunately, we do hold our customs and traditions above that of regional law, so the duel must be carried out or the warrior shall have his name tarnished within the homeland. So, do be careful.

We have moderately advanced technologies, nothing much like the grand things you other nations may have, but we do have enough to get by. We primarily focus on military and indoor agricultural technologies. Our architecture is primarily based upon ice and snow. The temperature in our homeland is frigid enough to make large solid structures that can withstand most natural disasters.

Our society is mostly based upon a single leader, who leads our people with his great word. At times, the leader may be succeeded by a successor; at other times, another warrior within the homeland that challenges the leader to a duel. However, prior to the challenge, the warrior must complete a series of trials that prove that he is worthy to take the mantle of leadership. We have reverence for our elders for their wisdom and experience; however, the elderly who do not have such things are treated as if one of the tribe.

We would prefer if foreigners called us “tribals”. It is not an insult but more of a compliment to our heritage, and is simple to use.

I will now further expand upon the prides and joys of our nation: our military and land!

Every single man in Senvroth is a fully-trained soldier with enough military and survival experience to put many special forces soldiers to shame. We spend much of our time fighting off bandit armies and the very abundant amount of lethal creatures that inhabit our lands.

The most feared among the animals is the legendary felbear. We have received reports of what your region describes as regular “bears”. Felbears, in comparison, are much worse. Capable of reaching the size of a large transport vehicle (and some even larger than that), these beasts are extremely hard to find, and even harder to kill, and are almost always in an adult stage, where they are the most dangerous. In the previous post, one mentions that a series of trials must be undertaken to challenge the leadership. Killing a fully-grown Felbear is one of the trials. Many have fallen to Felbear attacks, as usually once they are awakened, they are unstoppable until we can bring our full military force to bear upon them. Recent advances in technology have made combating these fearsome beasts much easier.

As for military training, you will find that our nation does spare any expense in providing some of the best in the region. Starting from birth, most Senvrotian children are exposed to concept of death and killing, a process that takes most of their infant years to set in. Then, the males and females are separated (with female leading a mostly carefree life; they are unrestricted by the rules of the tribe and are free to pursue whatever career they wish, under the strict condition that each female must bear a child to ensure the tribe’s continued survival), the males entering intensive academic and military training (simulations against people, but actual combat against animals, which we believe to be the more cunning) simultaneously.

Through this process, we breed only the best out of our offspring, and instill upon them the traditions of our people, in which they, too, will pass along to their offspring. Those who cannot make the cut into the military have a second chance at serving other auxiliary areas that help the tribe as a whole. Arrogance and disobedience is not tolerated within the tribe; anyone that seeks to abandon the ways and people of the tribe are considered traitors and are exiled or executed (usually the latter).

As for a somewhat important topic, I will simply summarize our technology:

We do have firearms along the lines of rocket launchers and assault rifles, and our vehicles operate on oil. We have computers (most are archaic, though, relics of a bygone age, and we hope to replace them by commence trade with our fine neighbors soon) that function mostly as a method of administration. We have no armored brigade or air force, our current environment making both an impossibility.

Greetin’s, Senvroth. Nice to see how your nation works!

Hello! Stand by while we prepare to carpet bomb your nation with nukes to get it up to a normal temperature, if even temporarily. j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent! I hope to see you on the RP battlefield scene!

Also, with respect to the fedbear, you say it can get to the size of a large transport vehicle. It’s a curious unit of measurement, so could we have a clarification on that?

Welcome, Senvroth! :smiley:

Always good to see new nations here.

— Begin quote from ____

Also, with respect to the fedbear, you say it can get to the size of a large transport vehicle. It’s a curious unit of measurement, so could we have a clarification on that?

— End quote

Fel*bear. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s try to talk actual real-life vehicle proportions here. A standard felbear would most likely be the size of two Hummers put together in a line.

Also, an addition: the reason why felbears are so elusive is because they literally blend in with the environment. Icestorms are so frequent that it easily masks the movement (and thundering footsteps), of all felbears (and their fur, naturally, is resistant to such deadly storms).

Thanks to everyone for the welcome!