Good day all. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Miss Ellenor and I represent a new nation in the East Pacific region entitled The Democratic Republic of Necromantic Grannies.

We are a small nation of people who enjoy the sun since its great for our arthritis and the surf for the exercise. We enjoy knitting, bridge night, guests, and the occasional Elderberry wine.

Recently we applied and were accepted as a member of the United Nations. I do hope they allow knitting on the assembly floor since our representative Miss Wormwood is making her nephew a sweater for the winter.

Feel free to stop by for afternoon tea, dears. Miss Ruth sent over a nice batch of her ‘special’ ginger snaps.

Ta Ta!

Welcome to the East Pacific! I’d give you the usual explanations of our region, but upon looking at your post, it’s clear thet you’ll fit in just fine.

Thank you so very much for the welcome, dear. I have been looking around a bit these past few days at all the discussions. Our nation may have overstepped our bounds applying to the United Nations without discussing it with the East Pacific delegation or its countries. For this I apologize. Our intent is not to rock the boat as it were but to fit into this close-knit community of nations.

I do have a singular question. I have been seeking out a location to describe our nation to you nice folks but I haven’t found the spot to tell everyone about ourselves. Any suggestions, dears?

Thank you again for the kind words and I look forward to contribute.

oooh necromancers, I want a pet zombie.

Certainly dear.

Any particular flavor?