Hello, folks! I’m a new member here; been on NS before, a while back. Looking forward to being in the East Pacific!

Welcome to the East!
We’re glad to have you. Don’t mind the mess- that’s probably just Reziel building a laser to blow up the moon. Again.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to pelt me with them. We don’t bite.

(covers a dangerous-looking machine and shakes his head) me? a laser? NOPE! honest!

(all around, adjutants hide top-secret folders labelled “WE’LL DESTROY THE STUPID MOON / Attempt n. 4”)

uhm… yes. however. welcome in TEP, Eastern Lord! we’re glad to see you’ve reached our shores… we’ll be even more happy if you’ll stay for a long long while above all because we’re running short of people to sacrifice to keep kandarin calm.

Don’t worry; I’m planning on staying here for a looooooong time! :wink: