Greetings everyone!

I am Vincent de Hugues, the Duke of the the region “Normandy”.

Normandy is fairly new…

I have been playing NS for some years now, and I noticed the new government forming and whatnot so I figured I would pop my head in and see how I could help.

Welcome to TEP!


hola TAO

we have met before, I am Andronicus

How are you? Good to see you’re still in the game.

And if you have some free time … we could sure use your help on the RMB. :slight_smile:

I am good. I am the Duke of Normandy now, a region I founded a few days ago. We are at 15 nations! Hoping for 20 by the end of the day. And I suppose I could help out a bit on the RMB

Excellent! Welcome!

Hmm the Duke of Normandy…

waves heya Jamhug


Someone that knows me!

How awful. Normandy was supposed to be a secret…

alas, a shame. Well, I am at over 30 nations now, in a mere few days!

Hello Rose.

a mere thirty? at my highest I had leke 99 or so.
but I let most die as I thought the ep was more important.I didnt get around to saying Hi yet so Here ya are Hi.

I think he means he has gotten 30 Nations to come to his Founded Nation not that he controls those 30 Nations Loop.

I’ve forgotten how many Nations I have running around…