Greetings to the people of the East Pacific. My nation is Raedion-Lucari, and I came here after a 6 month stint in the now-defunct Dominion. TEP seemed like a sensible place to start, since I originally had a nation here nearly 3 years ago. I decided to start up again because I liked nation building and seeing my pet-thing grow, but I don’t get too immersed into politics. I’m no good with that.

I remember Todd. He’s about the only person I recognized after I came back to NS. Well, Omigodtheykilledkenny too, but that’s beside the point. My old-old region hit the fan blades, and I came back to see that it was raided and basically stripped apart.

So hi. I may or may not work on a factbook for my nation… well, er, corporate entity, to be more honest. Where is the factbook anyways?

Greetings, welcome back to TEP! You seem to have found out the same way as I did: you can never really leave NS, you always wind up coming back. :slight_smile: I haven’t been here in TEP long enough to have known you, but I look forward to seeing you around!

As to where the factbook is, you have a few options there. You can put up some info on your nation in our Role Playing “Out of Context” thread If you’re really keen you can work on a Wiki page for your nation on the Nationstates Wiki site,

Neither of those are entirely necessary, if you are into RPing with your nation you should just jump right in wherever you feel comfortable, it’s a lot of fun. Once again, welcome!

Well actually, I chose NS out of all the other nation-based simulations because it was low maintenance. College is coming up for me and I can’t be wasting time micromanaging an economy, at least not right now. xP

Thanks for the welcome!


Hey there! Welcome back to NS, and welcome to The East Pacific. I hope you enjoy your time here!

Thank you, thank you all again. :lol:

Two thank-you’s for us all? I… I might faint! XD

Hey an old-timer! :slight_smile: It’s always a relief seeing old-timers come back to the game, welcome back and I hope you stay for good. :slight_smile:

Welcome back :slight_smile: