Greetings ;)

Hello everyone, I’m new to TEP but not to nationstates. Bumped into Todd over on the Osiris forum so I thought I would come over here and check things out as well. In Osiris, I am known as Alderaan. My nation here in TEP is called Wampa Stompa.

I look forward to checking things out over here, and hopefully making some new friends as well.

Just like the code for the debug menu in Shadows of the Empire for the 64! Loved that game. Also love Firefly.

Welcome to TEP!

Yes exactly one in the same as the Shadows of the Empire code, wasn’t sure if anyone would get that or not :wink: Loved that game as well, though I didn’t finish it all the way before I sold my N64, good memories playing it.

Firefly fans are some of the best fans in the world.

Thanks for the welcome by the way Todd