Greets from Hyrule!!

Hey everyone, im the new ambassador from the Hyrule Region, our forums can be found…

So how’s everyone doing in the East Pacific? Hope that our two nations can build a stronger bond in the next little while.

Take it easy!


   The Rogue Nation of Fail so Hard
   Ambassador of Hyrule

Cheers… colleague!

(bows) We’re fine… but (whispers) we’re just a bit worried about your Founder chatting about leopards and roboguards in the TEP embassy in Hyrule… you all Hyrulean should take care of her! :wink:

Aside that… I suppose our uber-mighty staff is already working on your permissions, to grant you full access to your Embassy…

And… speaking of which…

(hands broom) you know… pretty dusty, there! :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhh thanks, and ill remind the others about her ‘’/

Anywho, glad to be part of your region, cant wait to get started on the dusting…speaking of dusting…would you happen to have any pie?