Heil TEP

Hey there, I’m Ketchupland. An angry mob in my home region of Sapientia demanded that I participate in that inter-regional debate contest you guys are planning. Maybe I’ll stick around for a while after, who knows.

I also notice your copious amounts of unique smilies. You’ve got https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592184.5349-smiley.gif?ttinline=true
which apparently has something to do with the French, https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592185.4389-smiley.gif?ttinline=true
which is that adorable icon that Classic Mac OSes would start up with as long as your computer didn’t kill itself… and then you’ve got ** . I’m really disappointed in you all. :rolleyes:**

Hope you do stick around,there is a lot going on in TEP. https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592186.951-smiley.gif?ttinline=true


Hippos are the biggest and Frenchest of all animals, A hippo can eat 45 stone of food and still maintain its svelt weight and write an equation describing the movement of particals through an american all in one sitting then have a bourbon on the rocks as a reward for his efforts.