Hello Again

Since it seems you need a bit of help starting up again, I’d thought I’d get involved a bit more. I’m sure I’ve got a puppet hanging around in TEP somewhere…

Anyway, I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but is there a private subforum where we could discuss things?

I remember Reboot

You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t.

I’ve ran into a few. Some even remember the later episodes where Enzo is an adult.

http://reboot.com/ didn’t like the later episodes, pretty much Bob and the adult crew were my favorites, I liked Megabyte but hexidecimal was coolness,
mainframe does cool work I loved the original Beast Wars best.

I didn’t really watch Beast Wars, but I’ll agree that the later episodes of Reboot weren’t as good as the early ones. And Hexadecimal was awesome, especially her concept of pretty much being insane.

I remember Reboot though not too many of the details.

Now Beast Wars…that is money.

edit: slip of the tongue…lol


That is the sound of this conversation going over my head.

I preferred the later ones actually, as the pop culture references and the quality of the animation increased dramatically. However, distribution was a problem, and I only saw halfway through season 3 before it was never shown on British telly again.

But, through the wonders of the internet, and the ‘Bootleg the puppy’ mentality of the original animators (they got screwed around so many times by their distributors), I found the missing ones.
Hexadecimal is the greatest character ever, especially due to her self sacrifice at the end of the series, and the fact that the voice actress did a very passable Shirley Bassey parody as the theme song on the episode ‘Firewall’.

But my favourite scene ever is the Megabyte/Bob Metal Guitar duel.

I really need to find it and Beast wars on DVD,

supposedly there is a film or three coming out too for Reboot

— Begin quote from ____

I really need to find it and Beast wars on DVD,

supposedly there is a film or three coming out too for Reboot

— End quote

From Wikipedia:

— Begin quote from ____

On June 1, 2008, it was announced that there will be a trilogy of ReBoot films coming to theaters. Jon Cooksey has been signed to write the script for the first film. Currently, the films will follow a different story from the comic, but the overall plan is to continue the methodology in terms of engaging the fans. As of August 2008, Cooksey was dropped due to Rainmaker deciding to take a different direction with the story. At this time, it is unknown who will replace him.

— End quote

Well, it LOOKS like there could be a few films coming out!!

In all due respect, I hope you are not still 23 and talking so passionately about those…

I prefer House, M.D., The Colbert Report, Southpark, and The Daily Show (to name a few).

I have had a few Dr. House moments with some of my friends…

I remember “rebooted” (slightly :slight_smile: from way back when: i only ever got to watch a few episodes,though. I dont think the program was picked up by any of the channels i could regularly watch (or if they did i missed it).

Generally speaking i watch very little tv: eventually i pick up the dvds (after a year…or 4… : Lost,The West Wing,Heroes & House M. D. are series i have followed in this fashion…which off-course means i know,basically,what happens in advance from friends/coworkers/et all )

At the moment the only TV series (or 2 tv series ) i i try to follow are re-runs of the first few seasons of “Mythbusters” followed by “Third watch”. ( at the moment i have acces to a grand total of 3(!) tv-channels… https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592179.9704-smiley.gif?ttinline=true

(dunno if this was to off-topic?)

You can blame me for going off topic to begin with.

I went through a period where I did not watch ANY TV. Classes have a matter of doing that.