Hello Again

I joined the forum shortly after the empire fell, but have been inactive for nearing two years now, so thought I’d have a go at reincarnating my forum account.

My nation is Cloudous, it’s that big one that no one knows about, cos I’m cool like that, if I remember correctly I was on the first magesterium, but don’t quote me on that :lol:

Providing I have enough time, I’m hoping to rejoin in with the whole political debating, and maybe start RPing, though I have a busy year ahead of me.

So yeah, Hi!!!

Cool! Nice to meet you. I’ve only been here for a year now. What is your nation like?

Say, I remember you! You were a part of the original Magisterium, nice!

Welcome back to our humble forums with gray crackled wallpaper :lol:

It’s big (13.36 billion) and is pretty left wing, that’s pretty much it :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks, it feels good to be back :smiley: