Hello from the Kingdom of Rising Dawn

Joined just before Xmas. Seems it’s time I start learning a little bit more about the game than just how to respond to issues.

Rising Dawn is an Island kingdom, newly founded only 10 years ago but with a fast growing economy, population and infrastructure.
Is a constitutional monarchy. the King’s name is Bard (that’s me) and the plan is to abdicate to a Meritocracy style of government when the suitable administrative infrastructure is put in place.
Residents do not automatically qualify for citizenship. Citizenship is earned by a series of tests for things like Common Sense, and basic Political, Economic and Philosophy aptitude. Only citizens get to vote but government officials (in the forthcoming meritocracy) will not be elected. They are to be chosen on Merit.
Philosophy will be the main emphasis of the nation and the government will focus on implementing the directed will of the people. The people will be educated to think about whether something should be done, what, and why. Not just voting for lower taxes and a shorter working week.

Rising Dawn advocates peace as a philosophical desirability and is extremely unlikely to go to war on foreign soil. It also advocates self defense as a matter of practicality, and invests in moderate army and … “creative” defense technology.

I’m looking forward to learning more about what goes on the game.
On a personal note, I have an interest in Cryonics, which I’m in the process of doing something about, and an actual, real life interest in starting my own country, which is still going to be a few years more of research.

Seems like a friendly game guys and gals. Speak to you soon.
Mark (aka: King Bard)

Cool! Nice to have you aboard! And welcome to TEP! Also, I look forward to rping with you!

Welcome, I like your ideas about citizenship.


rping eh? I’m assuming that’s role playing for the moment. Sounds Good.

I think I originally got the citizenship idea from a very (very) old Superman comic when I was a kid, (a very very long time ago). The idea that citizenship should be earned and not just given due to age has consistently struck me as being a sensible idea over the years.
There’s a quote that goes something like “the problem with democracy is that they let any idiot vote.” Seems to me that you could do worse than to give the vote to people who have a moderate level of competency.