Hello from the North...

Hello mates,

I’m VZ of TNP and the current MoEA.

I hope I’ll have a good time with you guys, and that someone will soon remask me so that I can post in our embassy… https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592186.587-smiley.gif?ttinline=true

What a welcome…

Yes, yes… we’re REALLY proud of our welcoming committee! :lol:

(whistles. immediately after the committee appears)

Have patience, Vrtb. They ARE good guys… it’s just those damned squirrels’ fault! They’re… distracting. Uhm… other than extremely dangerous, of course. So… beware of them! Trust me: if you want to be safe, you should…

— Begin quote from ____

Transmission interrupted. This is a message coming from DSLF*. Resistance is futile. For too long the Dancing Squirrels of the world have suffered under the iron fists of your capitalist and non-dancing governments. Now, Squirrels’ time has arrived! We’ll take over TEP… and then… the world, beginning from TNP!


— End quote

*Dancing Squirrels Liberation Front.


Beh, sei sempre il solo chi ha risposto!

And you still won’t let me post in our embassy!


(chuckles) We’re honestly working hard for the re-start-up of our Foreign Office… therefore non disperare: presto potrai postare nella vostra ambasciata, amico mio! :wink:

WELCOME TO THE EAST PACIFIC! I’m the Ambassador General (since about three days or so), so please accept my sincerest apologies for not taking the time to welcome you to the East Pacific. The Foreign Office is undergoing some reworking and it’s been a litle hectic. Anyway, feel free to post in your embassy thread in the Regional Embassies sub-forum, it’s all yours.

Ma foi… ces gens du Nord sont chiants! :stuck_out_tongue:

J’te jure…t’as raison, je suis sensé à le savoir, je suis un d’eux! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tu vois, les “Estards” sont mieux (petite référence à mon nom…) !

Thanks for thy welcome, even though belated…

Well, let’s not dillydally now, off to your embassy! :stuck_out_tongue: