Hello from Zoloftonia

Hello to all Eastern Pacific Contries!

I wish you all a prosperous reign and dimplomatic stability. In my country it is customary to give friends a fox upon the start of a long journey towards building a stable alliance between nations. I hope this gift will build a long lasting friendship between nations.

Chancellor Heinrich Hilgenbecker
leader of Zoloftonia

Dispatch from chancellory of the Empire of Zoloftonia

This gift is sent to you in honor of diplomatic friendship between our great nations

from the desk of the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister Klaus Brauner
Empire of Zoloftonia

Hello! Welcome to the East Pacific… we got lots of cool stuff here… we go a place where you can rant, get turned into a robot, RP, or become a dirty politician!

So Ratify the concordat and you will be on your way to being a denizen of TEP. God help your soul.

Hello and welcome to The East Pacific!

Welcome to the nuthouse, Zoloftonia!