Hello, hello, hello

Hello, I’m new to NationStates and to this forum. I’m quite amused by the calculators for our economy, political rights and civil freedoms. Will I take liberities with this site just to see the outcome? More than likely. So please excuse me as I represent the Empire of Su Have of the North Pacific and the Most Serene Republic of Cintanya. Do these words and their mottos’ have any meaning. Most definitely. I guess I should say, let’s work together!

Welcome to the land o’ the East! There are actually a few off-site nation calculations out there, notably ones for nation economies and the likes. They’re pretty cool to look at and talk about, but personally I just roleplay and if my main nation’s economy suddenly implodes, well, my poor one-citizen nation will be majorly disappointed (Todd McCloud is a nation with one person and over ten billion different forms of other life, like blades of grass and diseases, along with cardboard cutouts of various people, so really it’s just populated by one person).