Hello TEP

Hey hey! Whaddya say? Let’s be friends with Subron today!

Oh wow. ha.

I’m Subron, and I’m an Ambassador from the Commonwealth. It is definitely my pleasure to meet you all. :]

I hear your role playing sections are pretty impressive. What else do you have to do around here? :smiley:

Welcome to The East Pacific forums!

Well, we also have forum games, random talk, a fully functional government with the Magisterium (like a senate only cooler) and Conclave (court systems, again, only cooler). Our major focus is in the roleplaying sections, where it ranges from serious and diplomatic to random and more or less character interaction, as in Shiro.

Above all, we’re a friendly bunch always looking for people to roleplay with!

Subbie most importantly they have me!

Sweet deal!

Though why you have a Senate-only cooler is beyond me. Why restrict who can use your cooler?

But as an Ambassador, I suppose its not up to me judge your silly foreign ways :wink:

People kept stealing the Senate’s rum…

And there’s Caek…don’t forget the caek…

Is caek anything like caek?

Because we have caek in the Commonwealth, and while brownies are more my thing, I do enjoy caek.

However, caek could mean something else entirely. Images of a three-foot long blade, with curved sides, wielded with both hands, come to mind.

Caek is better than caek, lol. Ceak is like caek on crack. Craek.

I need to add Caek to the EP wiki

basically myself and some friends were playing Phantasy star online on the DC, and we were doing a mission where you have to go to the mines and get a caek from a bakery for this Fat girl.

well the mines were populated with some bad monsters while some of us were fending off the monsters Klok went after the caek, when he got it he called out (typed) Caek GET!!!11111
he meant to say I got the caek but well heat of the moment and what.

after that Caek GET!!!111 became our battle cry. and I am probably the only person who still says or uses it.

you could probably say it is a Loopism. like my use of Nichevo or when I say Anywho.

And TEP also has TAO … and any region with TAO is a better region.