Hello to all, from Thirrinides

Hello everyone, I am here representing the wonderful new country of Thirrinides. We are glad to be a part of the East Pacific, and look forward to a wonderful future here, thank you.

-The people of Thirrinides.

Hey there, welcome!

Nice to meet you, Thirrinides. Welcome to the East Pacific Forums, and let me suggest you first and foremost I suggest checking out the region’s concordant and ratifying it. I suggest there after, if you plan to role play [something that’s very fun and a good reason to stay active on the forums], I suggest reading over the histories of some of your neighbors, and working on your own nation. If you need any help, feel free to PM me, or to IM me.

And might I suggest; you speak as yourself, not the representative of your nation, unless in one of the RP areas.

Thank you both of you. I understand, I’ll speak as myself for now, I just wanted to add some flourish to my introduction. I’ll go and look at the concordant then.