Hello everyone,

I am the French Confederation of Los Vatican (Voltigeur) and I have just recently moved from Hyrule (to France two days ago) to The East Pacific after nearly a year in that region. Since RP in Hyrule was getting fairly stagnant, I decided to take a bit of a break in that place, temporarily resign from my Judge’s post, and hop around NS to explore other RPing regions.

I like to RP a lot, and I am no newbie when it comes to roleplaying. For the moment, I’ll stay in the East Pacific.


  • Voltigeur

Welcome. Enjoy your stay here. Don’t mind the crazy people here, myself included…:stuck_out_tongue:

So what kind of nation do you RP anyway? I’m guessing something French, unless the name is meant to be ironic or misleading…:lol:

:blink: (stares upward) :blink:

Crazy people?!? I mean, I understand completely why you labelled yourself as such, but … everyone else has been let out on good behaviour!

Welcome, Voltigeur! You’ll find that many of us have links to Hyrule, myself included. Don’t hesitate for a moment to PM anyone you see floating around on the forums with any questions you might have.

Do watch Dann up there, however. I don’t think anyone gave him his last round of shots!

Oh! Did anyone mention that clown shoes were a prerequisite of joining the forums? You know the type of thing … big, floppy-toed, brightly coloured. The bigger they are, the less our Delegate’s feet stand out! :stuck_out_tongue: