Hi, I’m Muzesh, or Matt… I’d perfer Matt. I figured I’d join with my nation name. So if you call me, Muz, Muze, or Matt, it is fine.

Welcome to our corner of “teh interwebs”. Don’t mind the mess here…some of us are a little insane, if you know what I mean…:wink:


They’re all insane around here, Matt. Every last one of them!

Oh. Did you remember your clown shoes? :blink:

NOW we are screwed: weeee… how many Matts, out there?

uhm… dwarf matt, probbaly. you know, to distinguish you from EmpMatt. and from the other matt, of course. and let’s not forget the other other one, lol!

I have a friend called matt.

The above post was from RATCUT not utract.