I am ratcut, though really I’m utract. Some of you may have heard of me - RSN? hatred of the ACCEL? my too proudest moments… Anyway, yes. I’m now ratcut. utract has no buisness here (incidentaly I believe he has an account here - if so, please delete it - better still, just so you know I really do have that account, I’ll PM an admin from it.).

So why did I switch? Well, basically, RSN is dying, there are still a few cool people there, but not enough. I’ll still be about there, and on the forums of their allies, and in the fledgling ‘Unnamed Alliance’ but I want to concentrate the bulk of my activity here.

So why here? Because I don’t know much about it essentially. Except that it has a high reputation for rolepley. Which means little to me, as I’m not really a fan of freeform (though I’ll probably give it a go, as apparently I’m in the company of masters ;)). I am here to do something new. And to have a laugh. I know I have a habit of offending people. Ushally this is unintentional - except in the case of the accel - so I apologise in advance for it.

thats me,
ratcut, not utract!


Good evening.

NOTE: I hate your flood control…

Hiya! Don’t worry about the flood control, we use it to keep the Flood out.

to restrict my spamming more like - nevermind, 30sec isn’t so long.

Yup! That’s it for sure, ratcut! Your reputation precedes you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to TEP!

are you willo???


I’m Kang, or as those who know me well refer to me, “The Wicked Witch of the East”. Both, I’m told, seem to apply equally well! :smiley:

Just like I’m not utract :wink:

bugger. I am logged in with the wrong account… Can someone with appropriate powers please delete this utract account. I am RATCUT!!!


The above posts were from RATCUT not utract.