We are proud to announce, that our peapole at last emerged prom primitive existence, and togeder with other modern nations entered XXI age. In last 10 years we invested greatly in technical progress and was able to invent wheel, fire, walking on two legs, internet, and airplain carriers, alas we still strugle with inwention of english gramar.
So hy to ewerybody and all hail to Raincat!

Hello RainCat and welcome to The East Pacific.

Congratulations on establishing a thriving furrball trade with The Fridge Owl Menace. I am certain you will like it here in TEP. Please excuse the construction dust, we are in the middle of remaking our government. Your help would be invaluable in that area.

Make yoursef at home. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Welcome to the region and to the forum, RainCat! It’s good to have you here with us. :slight_smile:

Even the most grammatatastical of us cannot do well when festooned with hairballs. Your limitations are prefectly understandable.

Welcome welcome, RaiCat!

I hope you’ll stay, enjoying the place! (offers him a cup of hot coffee)

Oh… just a warning. Beware of our dancing squirrels. They tend to move in large packs and then to… aaaaaaaaaaarfggghhh! Too late! Here they are!!!

(runs for cover)




— Begin quote from ____




— End quote

Do you know that furrbols and squarel tail furr makes perfectly warm and antistatic melange. Ideal for knitting for old ladies.
This fact was prooven by national comitty of furrballs and knitting.

Welcome Raincat, 'tis a pleasure to see you here with us! Make yourself at home.