I am Oliver Graz, PM of Kodiak.

I’m here to congratulate this region on freeing itself from tyranny (rather late, I know :lol: ) and to offer my personal friendship and, hopefully, that of our great Republic.

I believe we already have representation here.

Hello there! How is your region doing?

Welcome to The East Pacific forums!

WE passed our record of 120 nations a while ago, and are hovering around 150 now.

Let me introduce us a bit better:

Kodiak was founded on April 14th of 2008, and went through a glorious run, achieving the 120 nation mark in less than a month. Then, all of its top government agents save Prime Minister Rykkland had RL crises at once, and the region died.

We are trying again.

Refounded on July 26th, we recently eclipsed 61,000 posts and the 150 nation mark. The phoenix rises from the ashes a new bird, though. Many new faces are among the crowd, with potential even greater than before.

Our Government:
President Wopruthien
Prime Minister Graz
Deputy Prime Minister Michael the Great Man
Chancellor Staro
Minister of Defense Divisional France
Minister of DA Old Sacae

Other officials:
Premier Wykked Wyffs
Sheriff the Forces of Mordor
Magistrates Seathen and Nedinud

Other notable members:
Former Chancellor Etheltreow/Martang/Mengtian/Stow
Former Magistrate Romenoch
Former Secretary of State Smurfosity
Former TLK magnates Alantic States and Divisional France
Former Secretary of Defense Hadisthe