Hello people im new in the game and in the region and i really want to know how works the region politics.


Hey there, welcome to TEP!

Here’s a starting thread that explains some basic things about the region: http://z1.invisionfree.com/forums/The_East_Pacific/index.php?showtopic=6974

As for our government, well, we’re a three-branch system of democracy. The Magisterium is like our congress, and holds elections on the position every three months or so, the next elections being some time around the end of January / beginning of February. Any citizen can run for a position there, and we’re kind of hurting for good, active Magisters at this time, so get yourself noticed and there’s a good chance you could get elected to such a position. The Executive branch is held exclusively by myself, Kelssek, and Morhams. We, like everyone else, keeps the region running. We just happen to sit closer to the controls, that’s all. The Conclave is like our judicial system - it works like a court system and handles all our legal issues.

As for the politics themselves, TEP is known as the most democratic ‘pacific’ as well as arguably the most neutral pacific when it comes to the raiding / defending wars. That’s… kind of about it. Feel free to read over that thread - it gives a short synopsis of the region as well as how to become a citizen.