Nations of the East Pacific,

I am the newest nation to enter into your grand confederacy!

On behalf of the nation The Free Land of Jurganta, I salute you all.

We are interested in getting involved if someone would just be kind enough to point us in the right direction.

We are nationalistic but open minded, very liberal, and very pro-environment.
I’ve heard some regions have a map, if I could be placed in a nice savannah type climate that would be nice.

The only thing that is bad about us is our economy, but most of the populace is too high to notice :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello Jurganta and welcome to the East Pacific.

In regards to your request about being placed in a savannah-type area, I can direct you to our wonderful and very friendly fox-loving mapmaker, Todd McCloud. Just go here: http://z1.invisionfree.com/forums/The_East_Pacific/index.php?showtopic=6056

and check with Todd to see what areas are open.

And, don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s one of the wonderful things about TEP. We maybe a little crazy (not mad scientist-crazy, although we wish we were that crazy :lol: ), but we are friendly.

There are a lot of threads you can join in.

Again, welcome to the East Pacific, home of the dancing squirrels, cows, bunnies, and foxes in need of a much-needed flea bath!

hey thanks!

now if i could only figure out how to change my avatar.

this injured smiley does not fit the Jurganta spirit.

Excellent, your peoples enjoyment of narcotics shall make my invasion that much easier. Prepare to join the Greater Alleghenian Union.

Just kidding!

Welcome friend to THE EAST PACIFIC! I hope you will find good times here and become a respected contributing member.

— Begin quote from ____

hey thanks!

now if i could only figure out how to change my avatar.

this injured smiley does not fit the Jurganta spirit.

— End quote

You’re welcome.

In regards to your avatar problems, I’ll help you with that.

To change your avatar, click ‘My Controls’. This will take you to your control panel where you can change your avatar. Now, some people, myself included, use their nation’s flag as their avatar, but you don’t have to do this.

You should see a link on the left side of the control panel where you click to start the process in changing your avatar to whatever you want it to be.

A word of warning however: make sure you read the instructions.


Welcome, Jurganta!

You didn’t use the word “and” … :frowning:

— Begin quote from ____

Welcome, Jurganta!

You didn’t use the word “and” … :frowning:

— End quote


i guess it comes in phases.

i was trying to make a respectable introduction anyway

on another note, and spelled backwards is dan.
which is short for Daniel. And Daniel spelled backwards is Leinad,
which is the capital of Jurganta.

so the word “and” is still of great importance to me.

is there a nation profile section, maybe that ties into RP so I can describe my nation appropriately and forge alliances with compatible nations? I don’t want to misuse the Welcome thread.

Welcome! The Lounge and Game Room are both good places to get started meeting people.

Welcome to The East Pacific!

You can pretty much talk about what you want in your welcome thread. Most of the roleplay stuff happens in the “Inside The East Pacific” forum. We have an IC area for actual interactions and an OOC section for maps / national notes / questions / and other out of character stuff. So, hopefully that can help you a bit!

why are my posts being deleted from this thread?

i’m just trying to welcome a new member…

Welcome to TEP

Welcome to the East Pacific!