Hi! I’m from the wonderful alliance of Fidelia and was chosen to represent them to the embassy here is a little history of Fidelia: http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll286/Nordriffe/fidupdate.png
December 7th-31st
Population: 72

Government of Fidelia

Executive Government

Chancellor Danubium
Vice-Chancellor George S. Patton, Jr.
Director of Military Operations Wopruthien
Director of Regional Security SteveC1994
Director of Internal Development East Ying

3rd Session of Parliament
George S. Patton, Jr. (Leader of the House)
SteveC1994 (Shadow Leader of the House)

Tribune of Fidelia
Orwell & Benn (President of the Tribunal)
Richard Massey


Regional News

Chancellor- Danubium, Richard Massey
The fight for Chancellor of Fidelia was on between incumbent Richard Massey and past Parliamentary member Danubium. Danubium took the victory;congratulating for Richard Massey’s hard work and dedication to the region. Danubium started his fist day on the job with a bang. He has done daily addresses to the region; updating citizens on the progress of his promises and regional stability. So far Chancellor Danubium is all the good traits found in all Fidelia’s past Chancellors into one person and some. He is living up to his promises so far. All Fidelia hopes that this will continue.

Parliament- George S. Patton Jr., East Ying, Vk., SteveC1994
G.S. Patton Jr., Vk. and SteveC1994 won the elections. They 3rd Session of Parliament also started off with a bang. Four bills were presented in the first two days of the session. Two of these bills were passed within the first week of the session. Parliament also voted in two new members of the Tribune, Fidelia's judicial system.

New Tribunal Appointments
The whole Tribunal has been revamped. The last members, Vk., DK, and McNab have all been replaced. Since Vk. has become a member of Parliament he had to give up his seat. Richard Massey replaced him. DK, the former President of the Tribunal, has moved on from Fidelia. He was replaced by Orwell & Benn who is now President. Finally the inactivity of McNab called for a vote of her removal and she was replaced by Kknight. We wish good luck to all newly appointed Tribune members.

Fidelian Fun



Fidelian Story Time

This months author in our new Fidelian Story Time is Richard Massey's:

Fidelia--The Story of the Region that Drowned Itself on Two Occasions*

Nationstates is pretty interesting. At least, that's what we all seem to think. However, monotonously clicking buttons to influence your nation by a fraction does not yield the endless joy it may seem to yield in theory. This is most likely why regional forums became the norm in NationStates.

I'm no analyst -- NationStates or otherwise -- and as such, I have no clue to whether my aforementioned prediction is valid or not, nor do I have any idea which region was the first to use forums as they are today (most likely a large region, although I can't make an accurate prediction there, since I don't truly know the initial sizes of some of today's NS giants), but I can tell you that forums are now as crucial to the survival of a region as the sun is to our own survival. And there's something to be said there.

The most obvious reason -- and most likely the initiative reason for forums in NS -- is that the standard Regional Message Board provided by the game just doesn't suffice -- that is, unless your region consists of 10 members. Even if the complex series of graphics, HTML, users and topics we know as "forums" were stripped down to the bare minimum -- just a simple chat, with a username function -- they would still be much better than what is provided by NS, for the sake of easy communication. Sometime after this discovery came, the basic setup of a region -- most of them modeled after real-life examples, still existent or not -- began to form.

Enter Fidelia. A region founded by two men seeking to create their own region; each had years of experience in NationStates. Its initial setup yielded a swarm of activity and the founding fathers of the region -- some of whom are still present today. However, its activity began to wane, and so, following suit the oscillation of NationStates activity, very few members were able to dedicate their time to the region -- that is, if they remembered it. A call for reform, a Constitutional Convention, and a few weeks of work yielded the new Fidelia, now called the Second Republic. A new governmental layout seemed to freshen things up a bit, and so things were good -- for a while.

[right]My Fellow Fidelians, these are interesting times, as an old Chinese proverb would say. When Fidelia embarked on this Second Era, we imagined that our institutional problems were behind us, that without the mess of rules of the First Era, and without the scolding partisanship of late 2008, we would have an idea of what to do. We vested full executive power in a President, and clearly set out how legislation would be made, and how it would be exercised. Judges would no longer be elected and all such bodies could now be expanded and depleted without nearly as much hassle as before. Moreover, recruitment would become a priority, in the constitution. It was fitting that the first Exec. Order signed stated that all elected officials must recruit. We thought then that all was well, we now know that we were wrong.
-- Orwell and Benn, campaigning for President during the Second Republic[/right]

Multiple things quickly threw themselves at Fidelia at the same time. By June of 2010, which was my second anniversary of being a member of the region, hope was all but gone. But then something strange happened. Bryyo and Lhaestaq, two upstanding Administrators, were both online at the same time. Big - Brother, a regional member who has since left, caught sight of this and declared that all hope for Fidelia was not lost. It can be argued that this topic is what saved our region. A topic regarding a mass e-mail and the subsequent excecution thereof ignited a fire that never went out. From there, a merger with the RFN sealed the deal, and before everyone was aware what was going on, we were knee-deep in politics once again.

Will it happen again? Truly, we can only assume so. We can hope, however, that it is a long, long time in the future. But, we can rest assured that should it happen, the Fourth Republic and the constitution thereof will be there to save the region... once again.

*Kovi, Vasi. The Fidelia Sovereign. "The Region That Drowned Itself". 2009, Vklarrian Publishers, Ltd.

From the Chancellor

— Begin quote from ____

[hr]Greetings Friends and Allies of Fidelia![hr]I hope this update finds you all in good spirits, as we all prepare for the holidays! It is my honor to be writing for the very first time as the Chancellor of my region. Just this past week I was elected to the honor of serving as the Third Chancellor of the Fourth Republic of Fidelia.

Following in the footsteps of my predecessor, Richard Massey, I will be striving for government reform as well as bolstering our regional population and recruitment. This is really nothing new as I have noticed these objectives are consistently on the agenda for most regions.

However, I am confident that Fidelia will experience historical changes in the coming weeks. I invite everyone to visit our forums to take stock of the many exciting changes we are undergoing!

Even with only being in office for a couple days, my administration has enacted a variety of new programs to enrich the social and cultural aspects of Fidelian life.

One of our crowning achievements thus far includes our Honorary Citizen Ranks and Awards. Every month two reputable citizens may be nominated and awarded badges and titles of honor commending outstanding contributions to the region. This program was spearheaded by Director East Ying of the Internal Development Department.

For the month of November, we are proud to acknowledge Vasi Kovi (Vk) with the http://s8.zetaboards.com/Fidelia/topic/8253977/1/#new for his exceptional judicial prowess as the former President of the Tribunal Courts.

Additionally, Orwell & Benn, former Chancellor and current President of the Tribunal, has been awarded http://s8.zetaboards.com/Fidelia/topic/8253977/1/#new for his exemplary mediation skills in times of conflict, as well as being a longtime and valuable member of the community.

It is my pleasure to say that our community is thriving, and I am committed to ensure this activity continues. Through recent measures such as the Employment Opportunities Program, which matches citizens with a job suited to their interests, Fidelia is honing its image and improving our community.

So feel free to stop by and say hello. Partake in our many off topic and spum discussions, or practice your nation building skills in our vibrant role play community zone.

Whatever you may choose, know that Fidelia’s gates are always open to her friends and allies across NationStates.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!Regards,

Chancellor Danubium
    The Wonderful Region of Fidelia

— End quote

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