I’m not exactly new to NationStates but I’m pretty new to the East Pacific!

I guess I want to be involved in this game’s politics, that’s why I joined. I hope that you guys may be able to help me understand how international politics works around here! Other than that, I’m just a nation looking for a great time!


Welcome and glad to have on board. We mustly deal with interregional politics, but it’s cool that you want to get involved!

Excellent! Probably the best way to get into regional (and outer-regional) politics is to first observe and ask questions. There’s a pretty good mix of nations here that have had varying histories that should be able to help you out along your journey. Above all, it can be as fun as it is frustrating, but then again if a game wasn’t fun or frustrating at times, why would anyone play it? Feel free to get immersed into our system!

What are some ways nations can be involved on an interregional level?

Thanks for the replies!