Help Wanted

Would anyone like to help in the distribution of TEP Newspaper and be representatives of TEP?

You don’t have to do much of anything but as long as you post the newspaper when it comes out it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

BUT you could also chat with the people of other regions and possibly have some fun by checking up and posting now and then. Put a friendly face on and show that we here at The East Pacific are active, living, and not isolated.

You may select what regions you want, you don’t have to select a lot. One works just fine :slight_smile:

Also I do not know the current stats on if we have embassies still open in all regions or what so just go on and register after you pick and check.


And the rest of the embassies will be informed of new foreign affairs policies.

I know The Commonwealth doesn’t exist anymore.

Also, I’d love to help distribute with whatever I can with this. I used to help do this, but I think things have been changed around, lol. So, yeah. I don’t mind helping out with what I can.

Of course Todd :slight_smile: You’re an important part to getting the updates out.

I would happily help out, which regions don’t have ambassadors from TEP?

I’ll happily help out as well, EM.

Please let me know which regions you’d like me to cover. I suspect I’m already registered on many forums, but may have a problem in terms of both an email that’s changed and no longer having a clue as to what my passwords are!

I will, however, be away from Aug. 15th to ~ Sept. 14, so if anything has to go out in that time frame, I’ll be unable to post.