Hey dudes!

Hey dudes, I’m Junkyland. I’m from a region called Ozzy. Well I just wanted to know if I could make a fanasty RPG about zombies. I made like four in the past on Forum 7 and I wanted to see if I could make it here. So amI?

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Welcome to TEP!

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Welcome to TEP!

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Thanks dude, so can I?

Hello and welcome fellow ozzy fan. there is in fact a separate section for zombie roleplays. here is the link. http://z1.invisionfree.com/forums/The_East_Pacific/index.php?showforum=503

alternatively you can go to the roleplay section pick alternate universes and then pick the section called tepcalypse.

Made it, here’s the link:


Hey there, welcome to the forums!

Hey dude, you want to join my zombie RPG? There’s a link to it above you.

Hmm… perhaps I will - just let me finish these lab writeups first, lol. If anything, they’re due on Monday, so come Monday I should be more free.

i likes ozzy and zombies, i mights have to checks this out whens i have more time!