Hey everybody, over here, look at me!

Hello East Pacific,

They call me the Voice of ARB. Well, no, I call me the Voice of ARB. They call me many things, because I am one of 252 active nations played by this guy ARB. My nation of New South Hell has achieved modest renown as an issues analyst and self-proclaimed NationStates political scientist. I mostly hang out in the region of Ulthar and in New South Hell’s personal hideaway, The Bad Place, plus some other very boring regions for issues experimentation.

I have two kinds of nations, lots of quiet issues-answering nations running on auto-pilot, and a lesser number of nations with personality. The quiet nations gather data for the scientist to chew on, and the nations with personality are how I have a good time. New South Hell, which is what North Korea would be like if its ruler was a second-string fallen angel, is an example of what my nations with personality can be like.

The Voice of ARB is different. Back in March, I threw a party, or maybe a circus, to celebrate my three years of NationStates, and I created The Voice of ARB to be the master of ceremonies. The Voice of ARB has no artificial personality - he’s just me. And ever since the party he’s been looking for a place to live. Here’s how it’s gone so far.

Region A: Too political
Region B: Too boring
Region C: Too boring
Region D: Disbanded!

And now, my friends, The East Pacific is Region E. Da Mayor of Ulthar suggested I give you a try, and so, even though he was way wrong about Region B, I’m gonna settle down here for a while, and see how it goes. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to say “This is home”, and take off my travelin’ shoes. And if not, somewhere out there is Region F, right?

Glad to meetcha, The East Pacific. I’ll be around.

  • arb -

Welcome ARB. It’s great to have you in The East Pacific!

We are looking at you. ProTip: put on pants.

Settle in and enjoy our University, our Lounge, and consider your involvement in our region as citizen.

Pants? Where does it say that, Miss Bitters?

Welcome to the region! Hey, I remember reading some of your NS analyses on the Ulthar forum and the NS general forum! Glad to see you in TEP!

And yeah, I should also err on the side of caution: pants are a good thing here, but we’ve also been known to accept shorts, kilts, utilikilts, skirts, and some other things. Jorts, however, are still subject to intense debating.