Hey there TEP

New to the game. Heard about it from a friend. Thought I would check it out. Not really sure what I’m supposed to do in the game or what the purpose is? Anyone got any pointers on strategy? :ph43r:

First: Submit to Allah
Second: Jihad

j/k welcome to TEP take a look around and join the party…

So in NS there are two things you can do… you can join in the WA and answer your issues and generally have fun on our on site message board


you can become a citizen here, join in our government… elections are sooon for magisterium.

or! (ok so i lied there are three)

You can join into our regional role playing area right on this forum! It’s easy and there are people like me who can help you get into it should you be interested.

you can also do all of those things combined. lool so welcome again!

Welcome to the nuthouse, Makkitotosimew!

Welcome to the East Pacific!

Our motto here is: Have fun!

Anur-Sanur formally welcomes you to the East Pacific.

Welcome to TEP