Hey everybody,
I just started, it all looks interesting, especially the alchoholic squirrels. I want to get involved, but don’t know where to start, or how the game works.


I’m sure Kang can help you. :wink:


Kang is ALWAYS the right person, when alchoholic squirrels are involved. In the end, the WHOLE thing about them was her fault and her alone. No doubts about that. i’m sure she has even CONFESSED, somewhere. Just let me check…

(disappears inside the dusty archives of TEP, forgetting to wave at pderu and to hand him a glass of fresh loopian ale)

(*hic … hic … hic *)

They’s right! https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592186.2827-smiley.gif?ttinline=true
Yeppers! Those alcoholic sqwerrils are always glad ta share! (hic) Th-that’s why I alswyas giz dem as nashun warming giftus. :smiley:

Yep, yep! A breedin’ pare so’s that yer kin half yer own! https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592182.6772-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592182.6772-smiley.gif?ttinline=true
Cute lille devils, aren’t they?

Jest make yerself at (hic) home, ‘n’ feel free ta poke around anywheres atall!

The people I employ…

Welcome, pderu!

— Begin quote from ____

The people I employ…

Welcome, pderu!

— End quote

(scratches head)

I tink I fergot ta say dat! Welcome to PET, pderu! :smiley:

We all try ta be jest like are leeder, da Delegate, Gid … Gnad … Gnat … da guy up dere! :stuck_out_tongue:

And if he paid us more, he’d never have any of these problems!

— Begin quote from ____

And if he paid us more, he’d never have any of these problems!

— End quote


I was just looking around, and what exactly does an ambassador do?

(runs back from the archives)

I’ve heard him, I’ve heard him! He has told the word “Ambassador”! Doesn’t it mean he’s volunteering for becoming the new ambassador to the worst region we have diplomatic relations with? Nope? Why “nope”?

I’m sure we could chain him and then mail… him… to…

(looks at the stern gazes of the Delegate and the AG and shuts up)

ok, well, I can tell that Reziel is a little off his rocker, but that is ok. I am just inquiring, because I would like to do something, and that liooks like an interesting position.

(completely sober at the mention of the word “ambassador”)

Actually, Rez is more than a little off his rocker. As a general rule, we only allow him out once a week for a brief walk, but it appears that he slipped out of his straight-jacket again … :o

An Ambassador acts as a representative of the East Pacific to another region with whom we have an Embassy. It involves posting a biweekly/bimonthly report, responding to any and all questions/comments regarding the report or any issues which may arise and generally getting known on the region’s forum as an absolutely wonderful person, eager to join in activities and get to know people.

You should be familiar with the East Pacific and its forums, laws, nations and so on, but once you are, just head on over to the “Ambassador General’s Office”. You’ll find a thread there in which you may apply!

Nice to know that you’re interested! :smiley: