Hi all

Hi all…
Nice meeting you guyz

I have just created a new username with a new email address and it seems to work. Past experience has shown that once I leave this session I will never, ever, be able to logon again. So, this is my only attempt to ask a question. My next attempt will fail because I can’t logon.
My inability to logon is long standing, going back for a couple of years or so. There is no way that I know of to ask a question unless I am logged on, and there is no way to logon. Catch-22. I have dependably anticipated making bona fide and one of a kind substance to the articles that incorporates https://www.fastcustomessaywriting.com/let-us-extract-the-significance-and-scope-of-critical-thinking-in-us-universites.html.
Since I am unable to logon I don’t believe that there is any way that I can verify any answer directly, and I can’t respond to give any more needed information. I am stuck.