Hi, Im...

Hi, I’m UnfoundWarrior, I live in the United States. I am in high school and spend a lot of my time on my computer. I play on Xbox LIVE, If you want my gamertag so you can add me, feel free to message me! I play Guild Wars, and Left 4 Dead 2 on my computer.

Hello, Nice to meet you guys!


I am Allegheny and TEP’s delegate. Please take a look around our humble home and feel free to lounge around… just make sure you don’t get crumbs on the floor and make sure to leave the toilet seat down for our lady folk.

You can IM me directly on MSN at [email protected]

Hey there, nice to meet you. Take some time to look around our forums - we have much to offer. I also have an MSN (in my profile), so feel free to contact.

Also get a pokemon as your avatar… its a temporary fad

If only I could remember what pokemon was my FB’s profile pic whilst my friends were doing that :\
I think it was Alakazam
I’ll go with that one…


Welcome to the forums, UnfoundWarrior!