Holy crap...

*Reziel coughs under dust and webs

cough W… whew! I was thinking I had gone unactive for… five minutes. No more than that. And now I realize it’s been months since my last appearance.

*Reziel looks at tomato-writing REZIEL WAKE UP DAMN’IT straight over own Vizierish crown

sigh I’ve just received a TG from a Kiyenta… a recruiting TG. Wow. Hadn’t Morhams just CTE, I would have probably been the worst Vizier ever in TEP’s history! :frowning:

OK… cough at least you all could have confirmed the budget for cleaning the rooms, you damned skinflints!!!

Glad to see it worked a lil :slight_smile:

Welcome back dude

let’s hope i can stay active… now i’ll need someone updating me a bit about RP!!! :slight_smile:

Well, a lot has happened.

First, Listonia and Vekaiyu are at each other’s throats now. Yep, no one saw that coming.

Second, there was an attempt on my leader’s life and an attempted coup by Vulshain’s own intelligence agency. Luckily, the traitors were stopped. Unfortunatelly, this made Vulshain a laughing stock.

Next, we got two new nations: Legokiller, home to elves, humans, half-elves, and talking magical horses…err…ponies. Yep, like My Magical Little Ponies.

And then there’s Dorlania, a nation of nice friendly fascists.

ROFL… todd and his rabid foxes, always messing things up!!

Awww… new RPing nations! goodgood! :smiley:

Perhaps i’m back again… :o

You better be https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592185.4389-smiley.gif?ttinline=true
I’m not letting you go this time!

*Reziel runs

Sees Reziel run

Wait was I supposed to bring the rope??? :blink:

throws Devont a rope

Yes! But that’s okay. I brought the backup rope!

Thank god for backup ropes!!! :wink:

Welcome back!

OMG! The Backup Rope of Doom! THIS is why I wasn’t coming back! I knew I was forgetting somthing iimportant… :lol:

@ Pack… hi! And thanks for the endo: i knew you would have been scared by my TG! :stuck_out_tongue: