Just wandering around, thought I’d stop in and say hi.

I promise, Loop, the ADN is dead :wink:


How goes, all?

Hey :]



But… what’s ADN, ayhow?!?


So who wants to explain this one? xD.

I was around when the ADN was still active and I can’t remember. I want to say an invader group that was composed of many regions.

Hi there, Biyah!

ROFL! Haven’t heard the ADN mentioned in a very long time!

Greetings! :slight_smile:

Heh, the ADN, that brings back memories. I still have a telegram Pope Hope sent me asking if Hyrule would be interested in joining the ADN!

— Begin quote from ____

Greetings! :slight_smile:

Heh, the ADN, that brings back memories. I still have a telegram Pope Hope sent me asking if Hyrule would be interested in joining the ADN!

— End quote

You should screenshot that and it can be used in Hyrulean history! Gotta have pictures!


ADN = Alliance Defense Network

They were either loved, or hated :wink:

Hated, for the most part. :wink:

So says a former member of the RLA, LOL

Morning, Dali :wink:

I just realised how scary acronyms sound.

You’re SO right, RNH!

Oh no. I don’t suppose the ADN has taken on a similar role to that of the NSA…as in, “no such agency,” when it’s really there… :ph43r: I digress. Hello, Biyah.

Posted on The Empire.

Really, Loop- Tweedy? Pfft.

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They say that anonymity is like a warm blanket. Eventually, though, people are able to peak through the blanket. The guesses have been amusing, the midnight conversations that point out one person or another as Rahl based on wildly circumstantial evidence. I think my favorite was Rahl being Tweedy, courtesy of Loop.

Some people have guessed my true identity, some have suspected. Though there is no hard proof at this point, I figure it’s about time to bring down the charade.

Lord Rahl is better known as The Federation of Biyah.

I can already hear the rumor mill grinding, so let me state unequivocally that this wasn’t the action of any specific government. I am a current resident of Equilism and The West Pacific, neither government was aware or approved of my actions in The East Pacific. I am staying in both regions, they are both ahome to me, as The East Pacific is now. So, those of you who want to start screaming about the Dominion or the Crimson Order can politely shut your mouths.

However, the people of Equilism and The West Pacific know me. I officially extend the hand of friendship and invite you to join the Empire. You will have no better friend then us, in good times or bad. The Empire stands true in its commitments. If you choose not to accept, there are no hard feelings. But I would suggest that you send a diplomat to our halls so that you can hear what we have to offer before you reject us out of hand. We are not the evil that has been suggested.

Furthermore: I know about the plans of TEP, I know about the Carbonari, I know about two separate liberation attempts. Why? Because I was helping out in all of the above, I have a few hundred pages of logs and forum shots as proof. Really, some of those plans are pathetic. The idea of The North Pacific invading The East Pacific is laughable at best.

Now that I no longer have to completely hide my posting style, my hours of operation or anything else like it- you can expect that my eye will be on The East Pacific in all manner of strange places and at odd hours.

To Loop and the few members of The Confederacy: Good luck. Ya’ll can leave or stay, retire (for the fourth time) or not, it doesn’t matter. None of you have the ability to take back the region, and none of you have the brains god gave a pea to see that simple fact.

Hail the Empress, Long Live the Empire!

— End quote

I’ve already archived all the threads from here and the Carbonari. You can remove me when you like. Be careful about posting my ip or email address though, or I’ll return the favor this time.

Uh, you might want to change your sig.

Oops, you’re right. thanks :slight_smile:

I love the rank hypocrisy of “Lord Rahl”'s post on the Empire’s forum:

— Begin quote from ____

(admin hat)You can’t just register multiple names. Sorry, that doesn’t fly.

— End quote

you should have added … “unless it is me doing it.”

I didnt create a new name to get around a masking change :wink:

Oh hi.

No, you did it to piss on those who counted you friend, which is worse.