How the heck are ya?

Im Knockavale and i’ve recently come back to this hellish excuse for a game recently because i just cant get enough.

Sounds like a plan, welcome back. As you can see, we’re a friendly bunch, etc etc.

Welcome to the forums!

Yes, this game has the unfortunate drawback of owning our souls. :stuck_out_tongue: Least did any of us realize, Max had a clause built into the user agreement that he really owns all of us. We just didn’t see it because it was in invisible ink. :lol:

Lol thanks for the welcome guys! DFD you might know me better as So_damninsane and Todd you may know me as Big Killer Babys, however knockavale is my first nation. So feel honoured that i brought it to EP

throws cheese nips at you
Welcome to the madhouse.

Thanks a bunch, i suspect ill ill be seeing a lot of you all!